• Vinka Repac Community health center Žitište
  • Zoranka Vlatković Community health center Žitište
  • Branislava Stanimirov Community helth center Novi Sad
  • Marija Repac Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad
  • Elena Đukić Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Keywords: Choroidal hemangioma, visual acuity, complications


Introduction: Real tumors of orbits are more infrequent than pseudotumor expansion processes. They can develop from any type of tissue normally present in orbit. The most frequent benign tumor is hemangioma. Choroidal vascular tumors include cicrumscribed or diffuse choroidal hemangioma which can occasionally be reported in both eyes, especially in case of nevus flammeus. It is believed that choroidal hemangioma is present at birth but is increasing during the life.
Case report: In this work we present a case of 57-year-old man with changes in the fundus of the right eye, who reports because of the blurred vision. After detailed examination and diagnostics, the diagnosis of choroidal hemangioma followed by serous retinal detachment which communicates with the tumor was made.
Discussion: Hemangioma might be seen at birth, but most of them occurs during the first two monhts of life. During the first three monhts of development, hemangioma increase to 80% of their maximum size. Our patient’s tumor was belatedly revealed owing to visual acuity was not importantly affected. Choroidal hemangioma is the most commonly revealed during physical examinatin for enrollment in the first grade of primary school.
Conclusion: On account of changes in form of serous retinal detachment, then disorderly controles of vision, visual acuity is reduced to an accurate projection of light. The patient belongs to generation that did not have preventive examinations before departure to first grade of school.


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