Editorial policy

The journal “Zdravstvena zaštita” (“Health Care”), which has been published by the Chamber of Health Institutions of Serbia since 1972, publishes unpublished original scientific papers, review and professional articles, short press releases, editorials, letters to the editor, meta-analyses, patient reviews, current topics, expert book and conference reviews, and more, covering the topics of public health, health insurance and economics, health care management and management of all other fields of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, thus contributing to the promotion and development of science, the profession and scientific and research work. 

Scientific and professional papers in the journal are published by top experts of different profiles with scientific and other degrees, academics. By bringing selected texts to their readers in the previous period, the pages of “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita” are at the same time a testimony to the pioneering work of the Association, i.e. the Chamber and its Professional Services, as well as a kind of healthcare history of Serbia.

As of January 2019, the electronic editing of the journal “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita” (“Health Care”) has been carried out, and since September 2019 it has been available in open access mode. All articles published in the journal “Zdravstvena zaštita” can be downloaded free of charge from the journal's website: http://casopis.komorazus.org.rs. The journal is published four times a year. In order to access the content of published journals free of charge, all readers, authors, reviewers and editors must be registered by e-mail at the following address: http://casopis.komorazus.org.rs.

Prior to their publication in “Zdravstvena zaštita”, all manuscripts undergo internal (preliminary review of the manuscript by the editor and / or editorial board) and external review (two independent reviews by experts in the given field, respecting the anonymity of both the review and manuscript author). The final decision on publishing the manuscript is made on the basis of expert, ethical and statistical review.

Authors are required to submit contact information (including email addresses) and area of expertise for three potential reviewers. These proposed reviewers should be experts in research fields, relevant to the manuscript, and should not be members of the same research or academic institution as the authors. However, the final decision on the selection of reviewers lies with the editor and / or editorial board. Also, the reviewers cite three potential reviewers who do not want to review the manuscript, which the editor will comply with.

In order to detect plagiarism, the iThenticate software is used and it compares the manuscript for publication with all the original texts available in the databases. Papers must be written in English language, with summaries in both Serbian and English, and in the transitional period, until September 2020, in Serbian or English, with summaries in Serbian and English.

All local authors are required to pay Article Processing Charge to cover the cost of linguistic, professional and technical manuscript processing, in the amount of RSD 5,000 per work, while foreign authors need to pay EUR 100 per work. Paying this amount does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript for publication and does not affect the outcome of the review.

Papers published in “Zdrаvstvеnа zаštitа” are indexed by: Science Citation Index (SCI) and COBISS.SR – ID 3033858.  

The Editor-in-Chief of “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita”, in consultation with the members of the Editorial Board, makes the final decision on which manuscripts will be published. The decision is made in accordance with the editorial policy of the journal, taking into account defamation laws, copyright infringement and plagiarism. In addition, it is the discretionary power of the Editor-in-Chief to evaluate and not publish the manuscripts received for publication in the journal if he or she finds that they do not meet the prescribed substantive and formal criteria.

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board members:

  1. must have no conflicts of interest regarding the manuscript under consideration;
  2. should report any conflicts of interest in a timely manner;
  3. make judgments about the manuscript based on its content, without racial, sex / gender, religious, ethnic or political prejudice;
  4. must not use unpublished material from submitted manuscripts for their own research and personal gain;
  5. keep all information and ideas presented in the submitted manuscripts confidential;
  6. ensure that the identity of the reviewers remains unknown to the authors before, during and after the review process, and that the identity of the author remains unknown to the reviewers until the manuscript is published;
  7. actively contribute to the development of the journal (promote the journal, encourage experts to become involved in the work of the journal as authors and / or reviewers).

Authors wishing to publish their manuscripts in the journal “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita” should guarantee the following:

  1. that the manuscript represents their original contribution;
  2. that the manuscript has not been published previously and that it is not considered for publication in another journal (if the contrary is determined, the work will be excluded from further consideration);
  3. that, after the publication in “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita”, the manuscript will not be published in another publication or in other language without the Publisher's consent;
  4. that in the Recognition Letter at the end of the paper, and before the works cited, project information is provided, in case the results of a particular project or conference data are published in the manuscript, or if the contents of the manuscript were presented at a conference in the form of an oral announcement (under the same or similar title);
  5. that, in carrying out their research, they adhered to the following ethical standards relating to scientific and research work: The Declaration of Helsinki, The Basel Declaration, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice, and ICMJE guidelines;
  6. that the manuscript does not contain unsubstantiated or unlawful claims and does not violate the rights of others (the contrary indicates the violation of ethical standards);
  7. that they have obtained the copyright holders' consent to publish illustrations, tables or other materials in their manuscript;
  8. that they will obtain the consent of all persons or institutions that have directly participated in the research presented in the manuscript;
  9. that they will cite as the authors of the manuscript only those persons who have significantly contributed to the content of the manuscript (other persons should be mentioned in the Recognition Letter);
  10. that they will accurately cite the sources that formed the basis of the research paper and manuscript;
  11. that they are required to indicate in the paper any financial or other conflicts of interest that could affect the results and interpretations presented (conflicts of interest);
  12. that taking someone else's text and / or features is only possible with the use of quotation marks and proper citation of the source and with the permission of the author.

The publisher will not be liable for any claims for damages in the event of failure to comply with the above mentioned obligations of the author.

The manuscript for publication in the journal “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita” is a confidential document, and the information contained in the manuscript should not be used by reviewers for personal gain (e.g. personal research). A reviewer accepts the review of a manuscript if he / she considers himself / herself competent in the topic or area the manuscript deals with and if there is no conflict of interest with the authors or funders of the research. The reviewer should, within one month, give his / her expert, reasoned and impartial evaluation of the scientific value of the manuscript. The reviewer's rating must be clear and substantiated. He or she should also recommend the citation of important published works that the authors have omitted. If the reviewer determines that there is a conflict of interest with the authors or funders of the research, a breach of ethical standards by the author and plagiarism, he or she is required to notify the editor thereof.  

Review of the manuscript for publication in the journal is anonymous (the reviewers are not familiar with the identity of the authors, the authors are not familiar with the identity of the reviewers). Each paper is reviewed by two reviewers, independently of each other, and if the outcomes of the reviews are not identical, a third review is required. Each review is expected to be completed within a period of no more than two weeks. According to the suggestions of the reviewers, the manuscript is further corrected (additional information may be required). The selection of reviewers is a discretionary right of the editor and / or editorial board. Reviewers must be competent in the topic or area covered by the manuscript and should not have a conflict of interest with the authors or funders of the research. Also, the reviewers should not be from the same institution as the author, nor should they be persons who have recently published papers together (as co-authors). The editorial staff is required to ensure the quality of the review. In case of doubt about the quality of the review, the editorial board will check that it meets academic standards. If the accuracy of the doubt is determined, the editor will seek the opinion of other reviewers.

All manuscripts found to be plagiarism will be automatically rejected and authors will be permanently or temporarily banned from publishing in the journal. Plagiarism (taking over someone else's ideas, words or other forms of creative expression and presenting them as one’s own, i.e. without using quotation marks and correctly citing sources or doing so without the permission of the author) is a gross violation of scientific and publishing activity and is punishable by law. Each manuscript received will be checked for plagiarism using CrossCheck (iThenticate software). If the manuscript published in the journal is found to be plagiarism, the manuscript will be retracted in accordance with the procedure described under the heading Retraction of previously published works, and authors will be permanently or temporarily banned from publishing manuscripts in the journal.

In the event that authors find a major error in their work after its publication, they are obliged to notify the editor-in-chief thereof and to retract the work or make corrections.

In case of reporting of violations of ethical standards and other irregularities, based on the submission of required information / evidence, the editor will check those. Persons suspected of violating ethical standards will be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations against them. If it is found that irregularities have actually taken place, it will be assessed whether they should be considered as minor violations (a warning letter is sent to the author / reviewer who made it) or gross violations of ethical standards (sending a notification to the executives or employers of the author / reviewer; retraction of published work in accordance with the procedure described in the Retraction of previously published works; authors are forbidden to submit manuscripts for the journal for a period of time; familiarizing the relevant professional organizations or competent authorities with the case so that they can take appropriate action; publication of a statement or editorial describing a case of breach of ethical standards).

In resolving any contentious situation, the editor and / or the editorial board shall follow the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (Committee on Publication Ethics).
In the case of submitting the same manuscript to multiple journals at the same time, false statements of authorship, plagiarism, fabrication and falsification of data, as well as in all other cases of gross violation of ethical standards, the published work shall be retracted in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Retraction by “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita” means that an electronic version of the original article (one that is being retracted) establishes a link (HTML link) with a notice of retraction. In addition, the article is kept in its original form, but RETRACTED is indicated on each side of the work, which is in the PDF document, confirming that the article has been withdrawn.

In some cases, a previously published manuscript may be retracted to correct errors noted after the publication of the manuscript in the journal.

Once a manuscript gets accepted for publication in the journal “Zdrаvstvеna zаštita”, the authors of the manuscript transfer the copyright to the publisher.

By signing the Copyright Transfer Agreement, the authors guarantee that their contribution is original and that the manuscript has not been published before (except in the form of an excerpt or as part of a published lecture, review or thesis); that it is not considered for publication elsewhere; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, and that tacit or explicit approval has been obtained from the competent authorities of the institution where the research was conducted.

The authors also guarantee that the Manuscript does not contain unjustified or unlawful claims and does not violate the rights of others. If copyrighted content is included in the work, the authors are required to obtain written permission for its use by the copyright holders. The copyright for this article is being transferred to the Chamber of Health Institutions of Serbia.

The corresponding author (hereinafter referred to as the Authorized Author) warrants that he or she is authorized to transfer the copyright to the publisher.

By signing this agreement, the authorized author shall transfer to the publisher the following rights to the manuscript, including additional materials, and any parts, excerpts or elements of the manuscript:

  • the right to reproduce and distribute the manuscript in hard copy, including on-demand printing;
  • the right to print proofs, reprints and special editions of the manuscript;
  • the right to translate the manuscript into other languages;
  • the right to reproduce the manuscript using photomechanical or similar means, including but not limited to photocopying, and the right to distribute these copies;
  • the right to reproduce and distribute the manuscript electronically or optically using all data carriers or storage media, especially in machine readable / digitized form on data carriers such as hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-ray Disc (BD), mini-disc, data strips, and the right to reproduce and distribute the manuscript from those data carriers;
  • the right to keep the manuscript in databases, including online databases, and the right to transmit manuscripts in all technical systems and modes;
  • the right to make the manuscript available to the public or to closed user groups on the basis of individual requests for use on a monitor or other readers (including e-readers), and in hard copy for users, either via the Internet, online services, or through internal or external networks.

The authors undertake to check the text immediately after receiving the proofreading version, correct any typographical errors and approve the publication of the corrected version of the manuscript. The Author is obliged to notify all co-authors of all the above provisions.

The authors take legal and moral responsibility for the ideas and views expressed in their works. The views expressed by the authors do not represent those of the editors and members of the editorial board. The publisher will not be liable for any claims for damages.