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The journal “Zdravstvena zaštita” publishes unpublished original scientific papers, review and professional articles, short press releases, editorials, letters to the editor, meta-analyses, patient reports, current topics, expert book and conference reviews, and more, covering the topics of public health, health insurance and economics, health care management and management of all other fields of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.

A cover letter (statement) signed by all authors should be submitted along with the manuscript for publication in the journal “Zdravstvena zaštita”, confirming that: 1) that the paper has not been previously published and has not been submitted for publication in another journal at the same time; 2) that the manuscript has been read and approved by all authors who meet the authorship criteria; 3) that the contact information for all authors contained in the paper is correct (addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.); 4) that the corresponding author, on behalf of other authors, signs the Copyright Agreement, by which all authors of the work transfer their copyright to the journal publisher - Chamber of Health Institutions of Serbia.

Prior to their publication in “Zdravstvena zaštita”, all manuscripts undergo internal (preliminary review of the manuscript by the editor and / or editorial board) and external review (two independent reviews by experts in the given field, respecting the anonymity of both the review and manuscript author). The final decision on publishing the manuscript is made on the basis of expert, ethical and statistical review. Editors / reviewers' comments and suggestions are submitted to the authors to finally draft the manuscript. The final version of the manuscript for publication is sent to the corresponding author for final approval.

In order to detect plagiarism, the iThenticate software is used and it compares the manuscript for publication with all the original texts available in the databases.

Papers written in English, with summaries in Serbian and English, have the advantage of publishing over papers written in Serbian, with summaries in Serbian and English. Until September 2020, papers in Serbian, with summaries in Serbian and English, will be received.

All local authors are required to pay Article Processing Charge to cover the cost of linguistic, professional and technical manuscript processing, in the amount of RSD 5,000 per work, while foreign authors need to pay EUR 100 per work. Paying this amount does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript for publication and does not affect the outcome of the review. All editorial board members and reviewers are exempt from this payment. The funds should be paid to the Chamber of Health Institutions of Serbia to the giro/transfer account number 205-4707-32 via Komercijalna banka.

The journal has been in open access mode since September 2019. Open access provides free reading, downloading, storage, printing and use of published manuscripts in the journal to any user with Internet access.

The journal is published four times a year. All authors, in order to submit the manuscript for publication in the journal electronically, must be registered by e-mail address on the journal's website: If there is a problem with the electronic submission, the manuscript can be forwarded to: with an explanation.

Preparing a manuscript for publication in a journal

Manuscript should be submitted in English or Serbian, with summaries in Serbian and English. The text is written with a 1.5 line spacing on A4 pages and 25 mm margins. It is typed in Word text processor, using Times New Roman font, and font size 12. Each paragraph should be indented by 10 mm. Avoid hyphenation, as well as bold and italic letters. Original articles, general overviews (condition for authors to cite 5 self-citations) and meta-analyses must not exceed 16 pages (without attachments), professional papers and current topics 10 pages, articles in medical history, casuistry (presentation of one or a series of cases) and previous reports – 8 pages, and comments, letters to the editor, meeting reports and book reviews – 3 pages. To create graphical attachments, use Windows from the Microsoft Office package (Excel, Word Graph).   

Manuscripts are prepared in accordance with the Vancouver Arrangement. Literature data are indicated by Arabic numerals, e.g. (6), in the order in which they appear in the text.

Write the text briefly and clearly. Abbreviations should be used only for very long names of chemical substances, but also for names known as abbreviations (e.g. AIDS, HIV, RIA etc.).

Parts of the paper are: cover page, summary in Serbian and English with keywords in Serbian and English, text of the paper (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Literature, Recognition Letter) and appendices. 

Cover page

On the first page of the work, indicate the name of the paper, full names of the authors, their professional titles and the names of the institutions and places where they work. Associate author names with institution names by indexed Arabic numerals. Provide the corresponding author's first and last name, as well as his or her address, phone number and e-mail address.

Summary and keywords

The title of the paper, a structured summary of up to 250 words and keywords in Serbian should be provided on the second page. The summary consists of four parts: Introduction / Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Below the summary are 3-8 keywords. Only a structured summary for showing one or a series of cases should have three parts: Introduction / Objective, Patient Review, and Conclusion, while review papers, meta-analyses, medical history papers, and current topics should have a 250-word descriptive summary. On the third page, write everything the same as in the second, but in English.

Introduction / Objective

The introduction should be clear and directly related to the subject of the research. It should provide the most important information about the problem that the paper deals with, as well as what has been investigated, i.e. familiar, so far regarding the problem, what is known and what is unknown, or little known, or if there is controversial information. After the introductory remarks, the objective of the paper should be stated.


In this section, the authors should provide a clear and precise description of how the study was conducted, explain the choice of methods and characteristics of the research design. It should be concise but also provide sufficient information for studies to be applied by other researchers. Sub-sections of the work methods may be: study design (e.g. quantitative or qualitative research, observational or experimental study, etc.), choice of respondents (inclusion and exclusion criteria), ethical aspects, research instruments (data collection method, specificity of the instruments used) and statistical analysis of the data (types of tests). Provide literature data for known methods, including statistical ones. It is mandatory to indicate the number under which the study was approved by the ethics committee.


Within the results, the research results presented in a logical order through tables, graphs and illustrations are textually described (appendices are given after the Recognition Letter).


Compare the results of your research with the results of other relevant research already published (not older than five years).


Recognition Letter

Recognition Letters should be sent to all contributors who did not meet the criteria for authorship. They should also be sent to all those who financially helped realize the research.


Appendices include tables, figures (photos, drawings, diagrams, charts) and video features. If the manuscript is in Serbian, all appendices must be in Serbian and English. For all appendices, there needs to be a title indicated above. All appendices are indicated by Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear in the text. The use of abbreviations in headings or any part of an appendix must be explained below the appendix.


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