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Instractions for authors

The Journal of Health Care publishes original scientific papers, short communications, reviews and professional papers, short press releases, editorials, letters to the editor, meta-analyzes, patient reports, current topics, reviews of expert books and conferences, and et., in all fields of medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, dentistry and healthcare management.
The manuscript for publication in the Journal of Health Care should be accompanied by a cover letter (statement) signed by all authors: 1) that the manuscript has not been previously published and that it has not been simultaneously submitted for publication in another journal; 2) that the manuscript has been read and approved by all authors who meet the authorship criteria; 3) that the contact information for all authors is correct in the manuscript; 4) that the corresponding author, on behalf of other authors, signs the Copyright Agreement, by which all authors of the work transfer their copyright to the publisher of the journal - the Chamber of Health Institutions of Serbia.
The journal has been in Open Access mode since September 2019 and it is published four times a year. All authors must be registered electronically by e-mail on the journal website: in order to submit the manuscript for publication in the journal. If there is any problem in the process of sending the manuscript electronically, the manuscript can be forwarded to e-mail:

Preparation of a manuscript for publication in the Journal

The manuscript should be submitted in English or Serbian (latin alphabet), with summaries in Serbian and English. The text of the manuscript should be written with a 1.5 line spacing on A4 pages and 25 mm margins. The text should be typed in Word, Times New Roman font and font size 12. Each paragraph should be indented by 10 mm. Avoid hyphenation as well as bold and italic letters. Original articles, reviews (condition for authors to cite 5 self-citations) and meta-analyzes must not exceed 16 pages (without attachments), professional articles and current topics 10 pages, articles in medical history, case reports and case series (presentation of one or a series of cases) and previous reports - 8 pages, and comments, letters to the editor, meeting reports and book reviews 3 pages. To create graphical attachments, use Windows from Microsoft Office (Excel, Word Graph).

Parts of the manuscript are: title page, summary in Serbian and English with keywords in Serbian and English, text of the manuscript (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Literature, Acknowledgment) and appendices.

The manuscript should be written briefly and clearly and abbreviations used only for very long names and for names known as abbreviations (eg AIDS, HIV, etc.).

Title page

Give the name of the manuscript (in capital letters), full names of the authors, their affilation. Associate author names with institution names indexed by Arabic numerals. Also provide the first and last name for the corresponding author, their institution, institution address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Summary and keywords

The second page should include: the title of the manuscript, a structured summary up to 250 words and keywords in Serbian. The summary consists of four parts: Introduction/Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Below the summary 3-8 keywords, should be listed. When presenting one or a series of cases, the abstract should consist of three parts: Introduction/Aim, Case report and Conclusion, and in review papers, the summary is descriptive (without subsections). The third page is identical to the other, but is in English.


The introduction should be clear and directly related to the subject of the research. It should provide the most important information about the problem that is being dealt with, as well as what has been investigated so far about the problem, what is known and what is unknown, or little known, or if there is controversial information. After the introductory notes, the aim of the paper should be stated.


In this section, the authors describe how the study was conducted, explain the choice of methods and design of the research. The sub-sections of the methods may be: study design (eg quantitative or qualitative research, descriptive or analytical or experimental study, etc.), choice of respondents (inclusion and exclusion criteria from the study), ethical aspects (the number under which the study was approved by the ethics committee), research instruments (method of data collection, specificity of instruments used), and statistical analysis of the data (types of tests). It is important to provide literature data for known methods, including statistical methods.

The results

Describe the results of the research presented in a logical order through tables, charts and illustrations (appendices are cited after the Literature).


Compare the results of your research with the results of other relevant research already published (if possible not older than five years).


Manuscripts are prepared in accordance with the Vancouver Arrangement. Literature data are indicated by Arabic numerals, e.g. (6), in the order in which they appear in the text. Citation information can be found at When citing the literature, all authors should be cited, but if the number of authors exceeds 6, the first six authors are cited and added by et al. The number of references in the literature should not exceed 30. Data from the Internet are cited indicating the date of access to that data. Articles accepted for publication but not published should be marked in press. Each reference should include a DOI article number.


Acknowledgments should be given to all contributors who have contributed to the realization of the work but who haven’t met the criteria for authorship, as well as to all those who have financially and materially assisted in the realization of the research.


Appendices include tables, pictures (photos, drawings, diagrams, charts) and video attachments. If the manuscript is in Serbian, all appendices must be in Serbian and English. There must be a title above all appendices for each appendix. All appendices are indicated by Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear in the text. The use of abbreviations in the headings or any part of the appendix must be explained below.